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 EAGLES Team Members' Favorite Gun

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Founding Chairman & Adviser
Founding Chairman & Adviser

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PostSubject: EAGLES Team Members' Favorite Gun   Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:58 pm

Syempre mauna na ako... lol!

Meet my favorite all purpose m4. Pwedeng CQB at field gun.

Her name is Diana...:icon_biggrin:


CTR Stock
Single Point Sling Attachment
King Arms G16 (Slim) pistol Grip
King Arms Receiver (Stag Arms marking)
Stubby Front Assembly
Large Rebbar Cutter Flash Hider
Magpul MBUS sights
Eotech 551 (China Replica)
Magpul XTM Rail Panel

Stock JG Black GB
Systema Spring Guide w/ Bearing
DF Titanium Coated Piston Body
CA Aluminum Piston Head w/ Bearing
Type-0 Cylinder
Plastic Cylinder Head (forgot the brand)
Systema sealed nozzle
CA STU Flat Gears
Metal Bushing
Systema Shims
Systema ARL
JG Red Motor
3one Chettah mosfet system
TU tootsie Lypo battery

King Arms Hop Chamber
Guarder 50% hop rubbber
Military Arms Stainless 6.03 Barrel (cut to 145mm - stock JG Stubby length)

Lowest FPS reading is 435. maximum is 474, depending on usage and purpose. :icon_smile:

How about yours ladies...?

You can shoot me as long as you like, but don't touch my gun, I will kill you!!!
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Vice Chairman
Vice Chairman

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PostSubject: Re: EAGLES Team Members' Favorite Gun   Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:47 pm


Ganda ng favorite mo.....ako mamaya update ko akin. hehehe!

update ko lang...
di ko pa alam kung si lorna, fe or Aida lol!

Finally heto favorite ko...meet SOC short for Socorra. Still a virgin. Still taming the beast in her. Great powers comes with great responsibilty. hehehehehe Very Happy

Internal: All stock inside..nagpalit lang ako ng oring.
External: Noveske gas block, noveske 9" rail system, China 552 eotech, Magpul UBR butt stock. Larue front grip.

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PostSubject: Re: EAGLES Team Members' Favorite Gun   Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:31 pm

Heto naman si Chiqui ko.

She is a G&G CQBR with Wilcox Mounted Aimpoint and a dummy Dboys ANPEQ
Set up is similar to MK18 of the Navy Seals (kulang na lang flashlight)

PDI 190 spring
Guarder blue hop rubber

420-430 fps

Rate of Fire
20 bbs per sec.
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PostSubject: Re: EAGLES Team Members' Favorite Gun   

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EAGLES Team Members' Favorite Gun
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