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 EAGLES Gamesite Rules And Regulations

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EAGLES Gamesite Rules And Regulations Empty
PostSubject: EAGLES Gamesite Rules And Regulations   EAGLES Gamesite Rules And Regulations EmptyWed Feb 04, 2009 10:20 am



a. No real firearms.
b. No players allowed under the influence of drugs or alcohol. That means no drugs or alcoholic beverages in the vicinity of the playing field.
c. No mask or eye protection, no play.
e. Never remove your mask or eye protection while in the war zone.

2. One Hit elimination

a. Direct hit to the body
b. penetrating shot
c. friendly fire
d. Knife kill
e. Ricochet not counted
d. No more zombies PLEASE!

3. No Hit Calls

a. Player cannot call opponent out
b. Hit players to acknowledge by shouting "HIT", "DEAD MAN", or "OUT"
c. After being acknowledged as "HIT", raise your weapon barrel over your head, remove magazine, and proceed to neutral zone

4. No Hostages

a. No hiding behind, or mixing with, non-combatants.
b. No engaging/ shooting within proximity of delicate or valuable property.

5. No holding or grappling

a. No rough physical contact between players.
b. No holding on to your opponent's weapon.

6. Avoid inflicting unnecessary pain

a. Avoid Point blank shooting, if possible ask for surrender.
b. Avoid blind fire.
c. Immediately stop shooting if opponent signifies "HIT".

7. Dead Men tell no tales

a. No coaching or assistance from any non-combatants (marshals, eliminated players, spectators, bystanders).

8. No time out / Resetting of game

a. Player must overcome equipment malfunction or temporary difficulty without "time out", otherwise player must eliminate himself/herself from the game.
b. In case of misunderstanding, the game will continue regardless of the nature of the problem. Misunderstanding will be resolved after the game.
c. If in extreme emergency, any member of the EAGLES COUNCIL may stop the game either for a period of time or as the situation deems necessary.

9. Observe proper decorum at all times
a. No cursing

10. All players are welcome (regardless of gun make or manufacturer, as long as it's an airsoft gun).... Unless they have been previously banned by the team in the gamesite.

11. All must pay (that includes EAGLES operators) the "game fee"....

a. Inform any member of the EAGLES COUNCIL present if you wish to play and pay the game fee before the game starts.
b. EAGLES Team Members are obliged to pay the weekly due/game fee regardless if he is present during the game.

13. Do not leave your trash at the gamesite.

14. Everyone must observe these basic rules and protocols of the site (EAGLES operators included).

15. And most important of all..... HAVE FUN & ENJOY THE GAME!!!!

You can shoot me as long as you like, but don't touch my gun, I will kill you!!!
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EAGLES Gamesite Rules And Regulations
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